Executive Briefing 2016

The Virginia Early Childhood Foundation and the Virginia Chamber of Commerce co-hosted the 3rd annual Executive Briefing on October 17, 2016.The event featured Dr.Patricia K. Kuhl, Co-Director, Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences and Director, NSF Science of Learning Center at the University of Washington and Mike Chinn, President of Global Market Intelligence as the keynote speakers.  


Dr. Kuhl presented research highlighting the critical cognitive and social development that occurs during the first 2000 days of a child's life.   

Mike Chinn discussed the business logic of investment during this time-sensitive period of child development and the momentum building in his local community of Charlottesville and Albemarle County to ensure school readiness for all children.

We hope you will enjoy highlights of both speakers presentations in the videos below.



Pruning & Building Expertise       |       Literacy Starts in the Crib


Baby Geniuses & Citizens of the World       |      The Social Dynamics of Language


Bilingual Babies & Cognitive Flexibility      |      Early Biomarkers



Why This Matters: A Business Perspective      |       Building Local Momentum